Merry Christmas | The Womens Room

It’s been a good year for Amanda and I, as we have taken our respective projects away from The Women Room to the next level. Amanda has worked hard to make We Wear Perfume a respected source of inspiration and knowledge in the fragrance world and I have been busier than ever launching Unique Style Platform in the US, increasing out number of clients here in the uk and co-creating the Out of Fashion podcast.  And while we still care passionately…

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Skincare Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

Having travelled on my fair share of long-haul flights over the years (particularly to and from Australia and the UK), I know how much they can play havoc on your skin. The air conditioning dries your skin our like no tomorrow. From experience, you can end up at your destination looking like you’re 20 years older and haven’t slept for about two weeks. Yes, you are bound to look tired, but looking after your skin while you fly, can do…

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What I’ve Been Watching This Week: Netflix and New Releases | The Fashion Wonderland

If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably have noticed i’m quite the film and TV fanatic, so I figured i’d start putting my talent of binge-watching things to good use and watch everything so you don’t have to (unless it’s great of course).  Being the go-to gal for regular WhatsApps asking “what series should I start watching?”, I feel it’s now my duty to help those in need – and so I shall. So, to begin with, here’s…

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A Kurt Cobain kinda outfit – Le Blow

The transitional weather caused my inadvertent Kurt Cobain moment. I didn’t set out to imitate the Nirvana frontman when I got dressed this morning, but once I had assembled the outfit, I realised I wouldn’t look out of place in Seattle circa 1993. Which actually goes someway to explaining how the look came to be. Photograph ©Jesse Frohman 1. My style hasn’t evolved all that much since I was a teenager in the 90s; if anything it seems to have…

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Sustainable and Ethical Swimwear | Ethical Fashion and Clothing Blog

With a surf holiday coming up soon and my old swimwear pretty much worn out from repeated wear and exposure to chlorine, saltwater and lots of sunshine, I have decided to invest in some new sustainable and ethical swimwear. In the past I have found it quite difficult to find sustainable and ethical swimwear but lately I have been quite surprised by the number of sustaianble and ethical swimwear options particularly those which upcycle plastic nets that have been found…

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Bobo Choses – To Make A Garden SS19 – Chalk Kids

Fashion 17/01/2019 | Comments Off on Bobo Choses – To Make A Garden SS19 The new collection from Bobo Choses for SS19 is called To Make A Garden is a global call for saving the bees by planting gardens. “What would we do if bees were to disappear? These little insects provide the food we all eat one way or another. But honey bees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate. Looking after the bees means looking after ourselves. And the best way…

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Best Jean Leggings 2019 – Top Jeggings Reviews

The allure of snugly fit jeans that contour the shape of your body like you’ve been poured into them and molded thus, is understandable. As the saying goes, if you’ve got it, it never hurts to flaunt it. Jeggings, also known as jean leggings or skinny jeans, will be desirable as long as the human body is desirable. And let’s just say, besides the human mind, the body is the most fascinating things we have. The best jeggings should serve…

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LIPAULT X JPG | A FASHION FIX // UK FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BLOG Luggage has been fairly basic, until now. Gone are the days of the basic plastic carry on, luggage has just gone chic thanks to an exclusive limited collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier? Don’t mind if I do. A unique luggage collection of 12 exclusive pieces in black or Burgundy, featuring a contrasting baby pink inner liner – classic Jean Paul Gaultier. I’m using the J.P Gaultier Ampli Spinner…

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Spring Summer 2019 Menu at Australasia Restaurant and Bar in Spinningfields, Manchester

26/04/2019 Australasia Restaurant and Bar in Spinningfields, Manchester, is without a doubt one of the most luxurious restaurants in Manchester. Accessible via a striking glass triangle doorway which takes you underground, it welcomes you into a plethora of chic creams and whites, and is a show stopping experience from starters to dessert! With food inspired by the flavours of Japan and with a mix of big plates and small plates to share, Australasia’s new Spring Summer 2019 menu was the…

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8 Reasons To Go Self-Hosted With Your Blog

If you’re just starting out as a new blogger you might be wondering if self-hosting is really worth the money. After all, there’s plenty of free alternatives to start a blog, right? Well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, as they say. Did you know that in the long run, running a “free blog” is actually going to cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue?  Yep, that’s right. Read on to find more about why…

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The Pinafore Trend for Spring 2019

As we now officially in spring and we can finally kick winter to the curb, I have noticed that the high streets are filled with lots of lovely spring fashion. But there is one spring fashion trend that has caught my eyes lately, and that is pinafore. This makes me very happy as I love pinafore. Whatever the occasion, whatever the time or day, there’s a pinafore for everything and everyone. Pinafore is one of those wardrobe investments that will…

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My Barbados Holiday Outfits & Where To Buy Them — Lurchhoundloves

Dress c/o Miss SelfridgeDr Martens c/o Jake ShoesMoschino Belt Hey everyone! I feel like it has been a while since I graced my presence with a blog post (sorry about that!) I have only been back in the UK for just over a week and already it feels like I never went on holiday 🙁 Does anyone else ever feel like that when they return home after a vacation? Even though I still have some unpacking and…

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