A Stop in Brighton

I’d like to have started this post “Last week Liv and I…” but the reality of that has now, a couple of weeks ago Liv and I had a lovely day in Brighton together that felt wonderfully nostalgic. Perhaps because I have happy memories of day trips here from years gone by, or it might have been to do with our shrugging off of responsibilities to have a good old-fashioned wander and hunt around the shops, like we would have…

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Japanese makeup brushes > Shoeperwoman

Makeup brushes come in all different shapes, models and sizes. When it comes to quality, Japanese brushes are by far one of the best. They’ve become popular recently and are only raising more and more interest. The history of Japanese makeup brushes Most of the top-quality brushes you know are most likely from Japan. They have been probably made in Kumano, a city in Hiroshima. The brushes have been made there for over 180 years. The city itself produce around…

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Pyjama day {In Partnership with Matalan}

Leather jacket (old). Top: coming soon, Matalan. Trousers: £14, Matalan. Straw bag: £14, Matalan. Sandals: £10, Matalan. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell. Something I never, ever take for granted when travelling is a pair of elasticated waist trousers. Whether it’s for the plane journey, strolls around the city, or that final day when I’ve indulged in a LOT of chilli dogs, it’s something I always pack. Striped, linen and pockets – I knew this pair would work within my Matalan edit. Worn with…

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Look Du Jour: Gingham Season

I’ve lived in Hammersmith since I was 18 years old, give or take a shared house experience that ended in utter carnage and is a tale for another day/never. Anyway, one of the many reasons I love the area – and West London in general – is the fact that within five minutes, you can be next gazing out over the River Thames or in the heart of Holland Park. Shoreditch citizens can keep their warehouse spaces and exposed brickwork…

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What’s the Deal With The Cancerous Fashion Nova Swimsuit?

If you’re an obsessed fashion follower like we are, you probably saw a headline or two about the latest controversy surrounding Fashion Nova. Apparently, one of the biggest clothing retailers in the world is under scrutiny for selling a swimsuit that could be cancerous. Yeah, you read that correctly. Cancerous. If your jaw has dropped, don’t worry. We had to pick our’s up off the floor. What’s With the Cancerous Fashion Nova Swimsuit? So basically every self-respecting fashion guru is…

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Best Bikinis 2019 | POPSUGAR Fashion

Daydreaming of laying on the beach or jumping into the pool? If you live in your bikinis during the Summer, you need plenty of options. We scoured the internet for the most stylish designs online in 2019. Whether you like versatile neutrals or playful patterns, we have uncovered choices for every taste. Take a look at these trendy picks, and treat yourself to something new before your next… This is only a snippet of article written by Macy Cate Williams…

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“Hell is other people” – or is it Us?

Since the UK release of Jordan Peele’s Us (2019) in late March, I have seen the film a total of three times: 1) in Reading (where I live) with my partner; 2) in Exeter with my family; 3) alone in London. I am a firm believer that the people with whom you see a film and where you see it are vital components to your cinematic experience. The first viewing left me stunned; in the second, I was obsessively working…

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Taking Outfits to the next level with Wonderbra | Before & After

For me, and probably the good majority of women, the right underwear is key when putting an outfit together. Whenever I’m shopping (which is quite often, let’s be honest, oops!), I always think about the underwear needed to wear the pieces before I buy it and quite often, it’s the make or break between buying and removing it form my virtual shopping basket. A bra has got to be the right texture, colour and style to compliment my outfit or it’s a no-no. Nobody…

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My Trip To Clarks Village

My Trip To Clarks Village Shopping Outlet I’m really excited to share this blog post with you all! Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I went to Clarks Village a couple of weekends ago for a shopping trip. Now for those of you not familiar with it, Clarks Village is an outlet shopping village in Street, Somerset, here in England. It was actually established in 1993 on the site of the old C&J Clark factory…

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Springing into the new season with Oasis

If there’s one thing I look forward to as the seasons change, it’s my wardrobe. When summer turns to autumn, it’s nice to pack away the little floaty dresses and dig out the trousers. Then winter arrives and so does the knitwear. By the time spring comes, I’m more than happy to swap the heavy coats for something lighter. Spring has (almost) sprung! It’s still very much winter at the moment but this is my transitioning into spring outfit. The…

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