With the legalization of marijuana comes not only the rise of dispensaries but the rise of marijuana lifestyle shops as well. Mister Green is one such shop, and the team behind it prides themselves on creating a welcoming and friendly retail space that meets all of your accessorial cannabis needs. We chatted with the friendly faces over at Mister Green about the changing stigma surrounding marijuana, the challenges faced when opening the shop, and more. Check it out below and don’t forget to sign up for our Green Queens Slack Session at the end of the month!

Mister Green emphasizes friendliness. What brought on that decision? What makes Mister Green a different experience than other cannabis lifestyle shops?
Totally, our tagline being “a friendly shop for high-minded people” the emphasis is two part: one, we sit in an awkward territory for many as cannabis is illegal in most parts of the earth so our best approach is to come at people and things with an air of kindness, courtesy, and politeness. We don’t always choose to design our goods that way (see the “F*ck The War on Drugs” items), but you win a lot more people over being sweet than the other way around.

The other part is cultural, I grew up in Oregon–people are very friendly there.

I can’t speak to other cannabis lifestyle shops, we might be the only one unless you are counting head shops and dispensaries, in which case I’ve found them to generally feel everything from lackluster, which would describe a lot of the head-shops I grew up going to and actually really enjoyed, to straight up uncomfortable– which would describe a dispensary I went to in Denver that felt more like I was in a methadone clinic… which is to say it was only a little more depressed than average.

You have a design background, how has cannabis influenced your design and creative process?
Cannabis has offered me one of the most abundant outlets of creativity I’ve ever tapped into– I’ve become even more fond of DIY modes of working as the nature of this game is that it’s been illegal or subverted for so long that people have been used to really making up the rules themselves. It’s nice to be immersed in that kind of renegade spirit.

You’re originally from Portland and Mister Green is located in Los Angeles. What differences have you noticed in the two concerning cannabis consumption and culture? Could you envision the storefront anywhere else in the world?
Portland and Los Angeles both share a long lasting love affair with cannabis and have long been global centers of this culture– it makes sense they are leading the way in terms of their legality. Culturally though, when it comes to Portland I can’t help but always think of an aging hippie standing aside his vintage VW Bus (this was more than one of my friend’s parents), and when I think of Los Angeles I immediately think of 19-year-old Snoop Dogg in the “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” video with the leaf emblazoned on his white ball cap. Which one sounds more glamorous? For me, it’s the latter, but both find their way into Mister Green’s world.

What do you wish more people knew about marijuana?
That it is a wonderful plant that can, in no small part, save the world from the destruction caused by the very same people who have previously convinced the greater population that it is a danger to them.

You’re coming up on one year of your brick and mortar storefront–looking back, what do you wish you knew before you opened? How has your business changed since taking on a physical location and not just being in the digital space?
I had been warned previously about nearly every single challenge I’ve faced over the past year, I’m still trying to implement the good advice handed to me by my peers and truly thankful for their guidance! One main point that I had been warned about is that having a store takes over your life, and that really only fully sinks in when it’s already too late, ha.

Prior to opening the store, I was only focused on growing the brand organically, building the line, increasing sales, etc. The store’s demands are totally different and nuanced– but amazing because you have to build a genuine audience with real people, and if you can’t then you’re doing it wrong.

“…it is a wonderful plant that can, in no small part, save the world from the destruction caused by the very same people who have previously convinced the greater population that it is a danger to them.”

What excites you about the industry right now?
Almost everything is exciting in the cannabis industry because it’s completely new and evolving every minute– it’s crazy and almost anything can happen. People should really use that to their creative advantage!

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis?
Via a joint.

What are three of your favorite products that Mister Green carries right now?
The Monolith, the most beautiful pipe I’ve ever seen, it’s really hard for me to merchandise in the store because it’s so damn striking.
The Sun Token, a large pipe with a geometric wooden base topped by a glass dome which is made for taking hits ignited by the sun using a magnifying glass. It’s insane and very reminiscent of something seen in Hippie Modernism.

Mary Joe, a CBD-infused cold brew. It’s a perfect product from the coffee, to the CBD dosage, to the bottle adorned by the art of Barry McGee. I shelved a similar product I was working on after meeting one of the founders– I knew they had nailed it before I even saw the product, so I decided to put my own version on hold to sell theirs instead.

A runner-up and shameless self-promotion, but I still love our fragrance, Hippie Shit, our palo santo inspired eau de parfum engineered by our friends at Maaklab.

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