French luxury label Louis Vuitton is dedicating an entire store to its new Archlight women’s sneaker, first revealed on the luxury label’s spring 2018 runway. Timed in sync with the kick off of New York Fashion Week, the store will open on February 8, 2018 at 122 Greene Street in SoHo. The pop-up boutique is a warm up for the global launch of the shoe on February 23rd.

Louis Vuitton describes the Archlight as “a futuristic sneaker that balances a springy wave-shaped outsole and an oversized tongue with a low cut around the ankle for a delicate, feminine touch.”

Offered in seven different colors and priced at $1,090, the shoe sized from 34-42. In advance of the shoe’s launch you can reserve a pair by calling 1-866-VUI-TTON.

Check out all the colorways below.

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