Last year I found this really killer brand. Problem was that nobody in the US was stocking it, so if I wanted something, I’d have had to place an international order with international shipping, duty fees, etc. So I held off. But this fall, I succumbed. Nobody was doing knits quite like these, and being that I love a good knit, I decided to go for it. I went and ordered myself this killer beanie and cardigan from halfway around the world, hoping that the $50 shipping cost would be worth it in the end.

It wouldn’t have been the first time I ordered internationally. I’d done it before from a Belgian department store when the Ann Demeulemeester shoes I wanted were sold out in this country. I got the shoes and all worked out. The large duty fee evened out too because the shoes ended up being cheaper than they would have been if I’d purchased them here.

So remembering that I went for it. How bad could a sweater and beanie look anyway right?

Well, I have no idea. Because guess what? It’s been over three months and I’m still waiting. You see, the package was shipped out and everything, but somehow DHL lost it and claimed that it was delivered. It was never delivered, that I can assure you.

Have you ever dealt with DHL and lost packages? Nightmare. They put me through hell for over three weeks trying to look for the package. Of course, it was never recovered, and so after a month of going back and forth, I had to take it up with the shipper. It became my problem.

At first, the shipper seemed attentive and totally on top of things, promising that the situation would get handled. I believed her. Why would a small company want to screw over a potentially great customer? But after two weeks of having me wait around, I got fed up. I threatened to dispute the charge, thrilled that I’d used my Amex. No credit card company is better with disputes than Amex.

This woke her up. I received a lengthy email to which she explained that she’d never see the money for the lost DHL package, yet she’d be sending me a new package in good faith, and that it was being remade and prepared to ship. A dispute wouldn’t be necessary.

I bought it. I really shouldn’t have. My husband warned me against it. “You’ll never see that package, Claud.” I explained that I wanted to give her a chance. Her brand was small and she seemed sincere. He rolled his eyes.

It’s now January. I placed my original order in September. The reorder should have been shipped out around Halloween. I’ve been given the runaround. Just last month I was promised that it was being shipped out. I followed up to request tracking info—this time I planned to wait by the door—there was no way I was letting this package get lost again. I got so excited. Finally, I’d be getting my stuff.

No response. Nada. Shipper stopped answering me altogether. Maybe she got busy. Maybe she knew she’d never be replacing my pieces all along. Maybe they’ll show up at my doorstep sometime in April when I no longer need them. Who knows.

Bottom line? This just was not worth the headache. I’m done placing international orders unless they’re through large e-tailers like Matches or Farfetch. Now I’m out a few hundred and I still haven’t gotten a winter hat yet. It’s getting cold. I really need a beanie.

On that note, I gotta call Amex. There’s a charge I have to dispute.

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