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Vintage poncho – Etsy Organic cotton dress – Annie Greenabelle Organic cotton leggings – Thought clothing I often post about new pieces of ethical or sustaianble clothing that I have bought but the most important part of my drive to be more sustainable with what I wear is shopping my wardrobe. Ok ‘shopping my wardrobe’ is just another way of saying not buying anything at all or just wearing what I already have in my wardrobe! But I thought it…

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Eight Things I’m Shopping And Wearing For AW18

05/11/18 I’ve spent the last six months blindly moseying on by in a blur of cute slogan t-shirts and midi skirts, popping on the odd blazer when the weather crept below twenty degrees. And it’s been a blissful fashion existence. I’ve worn cross body bags and strappy black heeled sandals and I have felt a bloody lovely balance of me, and comfortable. But then lol haha, the Indian summer suddenly fucked off and left us with classic British…

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Spring Fever Shopping Edit | Fashion Me Now

Fashion April 16, 2019 I think it’s long established I’m a sunny weather girl. I love leather trousers, thick tread boots and massive bomber jackets yes, but nothing gets me excited like summer threads. Sunny days in London suddenly have me thinking beyond jeans and boots and just like that, I feel like I’ve got my mojo back for getting dressed on a daily basis. So in addition to the two outfits featured, and incidentally two of my favourite current…

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Online Fashion Shopping – The New Way to Shop Till You Drop

Jeans, tops, jewelry, bags, shoes, accessories. These are just some of the basic items that constitute to what women's fashion consists of, and what you will find in the wardrobe of every woman all over the world. After all, what are women famous for if not for their women's fashion apparel that comes in all sorts of shapes, designs and styles and is ever changing according to the style trend of the moment. In the old days, if women wanted…

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Love Shopping for New Clothes and Shoes? Here Are Some Quick Fashion Tips

As Vera Wang famously said, "I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman." Fashion is just that – really. You should be able to wear the best and still stand out beyond the outfit. If you are a fashion diva who loves shopping, we have listed down a few tips below that may just come handy. Black is always in. To another famed designer Karl Lagerfeld – "One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little…

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Tips on Shopping For Designer Clothing Online

The internet has made big changes in how people shop and interact in their daily lives. It has totally improved the consumer experience from shopping inalls. With just a few clicks, you can get your fashion fix in the comfort of your living room with the Internet. When looking for just the right pants or top, an online search may be the ticket. You could discover the perfect item for you. Try to find it by using a search engine…

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Benefits Of Shopping For Consignment Clothes

When shopping for clothes, you have different options and you can get exactly what you want depending on your taste and budget. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank to get items that you love. If you have a taste for designer clothing but you do not have the budget to match, you can get what you need through consignment shopping. There are terms that are used to describe used clothing and they range…

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Your Ultimate Shopping Guru – 5 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is the Best

Internet today have changed many people's lives. It made their lives easy and comfortable. So comfortable that almost everything can be done online – socialization, work, pay bills and shop without leaving their homes. Above all, one activity done in the internet which is online shopping is growing tremendously. A recent study in US alone found that nearly half of the population is purchasing online. This is because a lot of people have discovered the advantages of online shopping. Convenience…

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4 Tips for Clothes Shopping on a Low Budget

Dressing with style is possible, even on a low-budget, but it is necessary to be more resourceful and spend your money wisely. By spending smart and being creative with jewelry or accessories, it is surely possible to create the desired look. Plus, it can help to put in place a monthly budget plan on clothes which is stuck to. A reason to have a firm budget in place is to less the likelihood of impulse purchases and avoids blowing the…

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Shopping for Women Fashion Dresses

Shopping for the women fashion dresses could be real fun as well as one of the most rewarding experiences for the buyer. While the wide variety of fabrics as well as designs, one can find garments that display the figure of the wearer to its best advantages irresistive of the occasion for which such dress is being used. Fashion Suit for the Best As the women stepped out of their home and mingled into the outer society that is highly…

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The Thrifty Fashionista – Looking Hot With Bargain Shopping

Fashionably thrifty, is there such a thing? Everyone loves looking good and following the latest fashion trends. But with the economic slump and our dwindling cash; How can we afford to be fashionable? Do not despair. Saving money has never been this fashionable. Just follow these SAVE tips! S – Style. Have your own personal style. Personal style simply means wearing certain pieces that have become your trademark. Having a signature accessory (like a big ring or a red faux…

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What Every Man Should Know About Online Fashion Shopping

Online fashion shopping is growing in popularity because of its ease and convenience. The greatest thing about it is you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. You can browse through selections and purchase items just by clicking on buttons. In some cases, online retailers carry more items than actual envelopes. These are just a few reasons why more consumers are shifting to this alternative. You will find many retailers offering different kinds of clothes. Although this…

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