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I have never been to a store that had employees like this. They went above and beyond being kind, and making me feel like I mattered. It was nice doing my shopping there because the ladies are pleasant. Stores everywhere need people like this! They made my day…

Corey Williams

I was able to use these fabulous products immediately, I have very sensitive skin and I had no problem with any of the products which amazed me. Will definitely be experimenting in the future, wish I had found this company sooner, brilliant products., brilliant customer service.

Sarah Anderson

Finally taken the plunge and ordered some eye products: primer, mascara, silver mist lid colour and cappucciono eye shade. All are fabulous. They are so much more luxurious, easier to apply and long lasting than my usual. My eyes look so much brighter. Cannot recommend highly enough. Well worth the money.

Jim Thurston

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Dean Hathaway

Realistic Ways To Be More Sustainable With Fashion

Sustainability is a buzzword at the moment. There’s been a few high profile documentaries and celebrities getting on board with it, and of course the spotlight has been on bloggers who in my opinion, rather unfairly got a lot of the blame for fast fashion and it’s popularity. That in itself is another topic for another time, but I think right now we’re all looking at ways to be more sustainable – which is really positive. What I think has…

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Michelle Keegan on why she used to bunk off PE lessons at school

We chatted to Michelle about how she stays looking so good all the time! Hey Michelle! You were abroad for most of last year, how did that effect your exercise regime and diet?To be honest, whilst I was in Malaysia (filming Our Girl) I didn’t really work out at all. We were in the middle of the jungle in Taman Negara so it was around 40 degrees everyday; the last thing you want to do is exercise when it’s that…

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20 Pieces My 65-Year-Old Mom Is Buying for Spring

Ask anyone who their style icon is, and they’ll likely say a famous celebrity, influencer, or street style star. While all those people are awesome, and I’m definitely obsessed with some myself (Eva Chen and Gala González are my favorites), my true style icon always has been and forever will be my mother. My mom, JoAnn, oozes cool. Basically, I got really lucky. She has the best style of anyone I know, even at 65 years old. She always comes…

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Tesco’s F&F swimwear range is a selling out for this reason…

A little birdy told us F&F’s SS19 swimwear collection is selling like hot cakes, they sold 25,000 units of Bikini’s over the Easter weekend and over 6,000 of their animal print styles. Well, with shoppers now prepping for their summer holidays, and the collection being super affordable and stylish it’s not hard to see why it’s simply flying off the shelves. Fans are praising the swim selection for it’s high quality and budget busting price points. There’s nothing shy about…

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Silver Sequin Skirt – Hannah Louise Fashion

An alliterative title! And more sequins, just in time for the most sequin-y night of the year? It’s your lucky day! I’m still very much enamoured with the Ashish for Warehouse collection (all of which is now on sale) and chose to wear the silver sequinned maxi skirt for a Friendmas Christmas dinner, dressed down with a tied up t-shirt and my favourite ‘grunge nan’ cardigan. T-shirt – Urban Outfitters*Skirt – Warehouse x ASHISHCardigan – ASOS* (similar)Boots – Zara photos…

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Quote of the day: A.G. Sulzberger

2 May, 2019 “It is a useful word, but a useful word for junk — the junk you shovel onto YouTube and Facebook. What we do as journalists is fill a void. ‘Content’ is cheap and that’s why the Internet has… This is only a snippet of article written by Disneyrollergirl Read Full Article

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Welcome to The Pavilions Bali

In November, I took a few weeks off and decided to visit Bali again. I have been to Bali once a few years ago, back when instagram wasn’t as popping as it is now, so I knew that over the years Bali would be so different to what I had experienced back then. I mostly stayed in the area Seminyak, and spent the rest of my time over on the Gili islands, and then a little on Lombok. Getting the…

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Best organic anti-aging skin care > Shoeperwoman

Our skin ages once we start getting older. It’s a natural occurrence in a human’s life. Once we hit a certain age we start noticing signs of aging – dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It isn’t the most pleasant thing on earth but it’s unavoidable and it happens to everyone. Fortunately, there ways to prevent wrinkles and make them less noticeable. How do wrinkles form? Wrinkles can come from many things. First of all, your body loses the ability…

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A Stay at The Fife Arms, Braemar

Scotland this trip was courtesy of The Fife Arms I don’t tend to keep my finger on the pulse of the latest hotel openings, but I couldn’t miss the coverage that had been given to newly opened The Fife Arms in Braemar, Scotland. When I received an email asking me if I’d like to join a group trip to stay there for a couple of nights, I couldn’t have replied yes any quicker – I had to see if it…

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Dunhill launches Signature Collection of fragrances

Luxury goods brand Dunhill has launched a new fragrance collection inspired by signature materials and elements of the house and the adventurous nature of the brand. The Dunhill Signature Collection includes four distinctive fragrances: – Indian Sandalwood – exotic sandalwood blended with mid notes of tree moss and patchouli and top notes of fragrant bergamot– Moroccan Amber – warm amber blended with spicy wood, earthy cardamon, and saffron– British Leather – leather accord blends with bergamot and violet leaf to…

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Dark Disney – Style Bubble

>> If you’re a true Disney aficionado, then it’s not just the saccharine colour schemes, the happy clap-trap songs and love-and-beauty-will-prevail sentiment that gets you going.  You have to love the villains, the weird and the truly potentially tripping-on-something vibes that Disney films can give off.  And so in Coach’s latest collaboration with Disney, in continuation of their tie-up with the most American of icons, things develop into a “Dark Fairy Tale”, and predominantly centre around the older and for me,…

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Zara is doing something quite special with this playsuit

There is still loads to be done to become more sustainable with our fashion, and of course it’s not going to happen overnight, which is why every baby step counts. So when I spotted this playsuit in Zara the other day, I mentally high-fived the brand, who is known for its fast fashion. First off, it’s a cute floral number with a 90s twist that is perfect for the heatwave we will hopefully have this summer. It comes…

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