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I have never been to a store that had employees like this. They went above and beyond being kind, and making me feel like I mattered. It was nice doing my shopping there because the ladies are pleasant. Stores everywhere need people like this! They made my day…

Corey Williams

I was able to use these fabulous products immediately, I have very sensitive skin and I had no problem with any of the products which amazed me. Will definitely be experimenting in the future, wish I had found this company sooner, brilliant products., brilliant customer service.

Sarah Anderson

Finally taken the plunge and ordered some eye products: primer, mascara, silver mist lid colour and cappucciono eye shade. All are fabulous. They are so much more luxurious, easier to apply and long lasting than my usual. My eyes look so much brighter. Cannot recommend highly enough. Well worth the money.

Jim Thurston

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Dean Hathaway

Are you looking for Rick Owens Outlet Store?

Rick Owens is amongst the most loved new-age designers. His collections are inspired from Gothic theme and are doing very well with the stylish generation of the 21st century. Besides, the man has had enough experience and reputation to sell his designs to half the world which is, anyhow, going all gaga over him. Rick Owens Outlet Store can be found online and that is the biggest gift of internet to the fashion-savvy people. Without online stores, it would have…

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How to Find Clothes From the Movies

Want to find clothes from the movies to add to your wardrobe or give as a gift? Well, you are not alone. This new fashion trend is really catching on in larger cities, metro areas, and even some smaller towns as available clothing suppliers and the internet enables the demand for specific types of clothing, outfits, and individual garments to be met. To find clothes seen in a movie, the most important thing is to know as much about the…

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Guide to Every Type of Self-Tanner Formula and How to Use Each One

Let’s be honest: Self-tanner is one of the trickiest beauty products to use. One wrong move and you’ll end up looking more like an orange Oompa Loompa than a bronzed Victoria’s Secret model. And during the summer months, it’s hard to cover up self-tanner goofs (we’re looking at you, streaks and splotches!) when you’re living in T-shirts and shorts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are lots of different types of self-tanners on the market, so the…

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Reasons to Wear Stylish Jewelry And Watches

People who care about style probably own different types of watches. They need watches for everyday requirements, weekend events, and special occasions. Getting a unique timepiece is not a luxury, but a necessity to create a good personal reputation. The accessories have gained much attention since their introduction. The following are some of the reasons why people like stylish jewelry and watches. 1. Fashion- A person wearing these is known as one with a sense of fashion. This is one…

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List of Top Designer Handbags

Designer handbags generally come at the topmost in the wish list that many women own. The designer’s labels along with the beautiful design are some tracks that many women love to see in their handbag. Designer bags are the key that brings perfection in the outfit. Fashion week that’s held in New York presented designers creations for 2010. Everything was displayed here from clothes to accessories. However one item that grabs the attention of most women was designer’s bag in…

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17 Petite Maxi Dresses You Don’t Need to Hem

If you’re petite, you can often get away with shopping in the main section of stores, particularly if you’re buying tops, short skirts or even sometimes cropped pants. But there’s one item that never fits off the rack: the maxi dress. (Even the highest pair of wedges can’t save a sidewalk-dusting dress.) You could always bring the maxi dress to the tailor, right? Besides costing extra money, chopping too much off the bottom can alter the drape of the dress…

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Shopping Without Risking Savings

Saving up for the rainy days may mean cutting on expenses revolving around groceries, appliances, and even power consumption around the household. While the idea would indeed do much help in increasing savings, it too might also be tantamount to sacrificing personal wants such as fashionable clothes and accessories. However, if a person is wise enough to dig deeper into the situation, one might actually find great deals that do not necessarily involve risking your reputation as a fashion pro.…

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Shopping for a Wedding Dresses

Sometimes a bride to be may look through many wedding dresses without finding the “right one”. For many it is an aspect of the wedding where settling or compromising is out of the question. The perfect wedding gown is a must for a bride that will remember this amazing day in her life forever. This decision is being made while all other aspects of the wedding are being planned too. When looking through wedding dresses there are many factors that…

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8 Astrology Beauty Products You Need

If we’re not obsessing over unicorns, mermaids and the latest prismatic highlighter, we’re going gaga for the newest astrology-themed beauty launch. It seems that a few wise people at beauty brands looked to the stars and saw the trend because there have been a number of zodiac makeup, body and nail products that have dropped in recent months. The latest astrology-inspired beauty products make it easy to match your beauty haul with your zodiac sign. So you don’t have to…

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Simple Ways to Perfect Your New Fall Look

With fall at our door steps, the same question is on everyone’s mind, what look am I going for this fall? Of course you want to look modern and chic but at the same time not break the bank. Is that really up for debt? Beside, who here is not always looking for a great deal? With all that said, we are here to help take some of the “stress” out of what to wear with what or what is…

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Dressing Kids Nicely on a Budget

The best clothes for your children are not always the most costly ones. You can buy affordable clothes at thrift stores, yard sales and online auctions. Use these ideas to dress your kids nicely on a budget. Bring the kids. Always try to shop with the kids along, so you can be sure whether the clothes fit them right and not waste money. Try on the clothing and see if it suits them well. Consider the following – your kid’s…

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Nicki Minaj US ELLE July 2018

Nina Garcia continues to overhaul US ELLE and following a beautiful Kendall Jenner cover last month, the editor-in-chief wastes no time getting the big names to front the magazine by securing Nicki Minaj for the July 2018 issue. “Reclaiming her throne” in the music industry and on the cover of ELLE, Minaj was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld in his Paris-based studio. In the vibrant newsstand cover image (below), Nicki wears a colorful embellished Versace number and is even joined by The…

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