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I have never been to a store that had employees like this. They went above and beyond being kind, and making me feel like I mattered. It was nice doing my shopping there because the ladies are pleasant. Stores everywhere need people like this! They made my day…

Corey Williams

I was able to use these fabulous products immediately, I have very sensitive skin and I had no problem with any of the products which amazed me. Will definitely be experimenting in the future, wish I had found this company sooner, brilliant products., brilliant customer service.

Sarah Anderson

Finally taken the plunge and ordered some eye products: primer, mascara, silver mist lid colour and cappucciono eye shade. All are fabulous. They are so much more luxurious, easier to apply and long lasting than my usual. My eyes look so much brighter. Cannot recommend highly enough. Well worth the money.

Jim Thurston

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Dean Hathaway

Sleeve Action

[ad_1] I love details on basics. Things like zips in places where you just don’t need them…or tie up sleeves! Utterly useless, but I like the fun of them. My first foray into the world of stupid-things-on-clothes was a pair of jeans from Firetrap when I was about 17/18. God, I loved those jeans. They had a zip which started at the bottom of the leg and wound it’s way around my leg in a helter-skelter type fashion…until it got…

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Christmas Gift Shopping with Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

[ad_1] As much as I always want to be one of those people who are super organised and have all their Christmas shopping done and dusted in June, it never pans out that way. So, here I am, in December, still on the hunt for the perfect gifts. And I am super lucky that, living on the outskirts of Chester, I am less than 20 minutes away from McArthurGlen’s Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet.  With some of the most sought-after high…

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Why I stopped blogging | The Young Eccentric

[ad_1] Okay, so you may or may not have noticed that over the past year I’ve only published seven blog posts, my Instagram has been mostly old content and my YouTube non-existent. In short, I gave up blogging. The truth is that there have been numerous factors as to why I’m not so engaged on the Interweb anymore and why a few months ago I was just going to delete everything all together. This blog (and subsequent social media platforms)…

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The Gift of Home — WILLKATE

[ad_1] Gourmet Popcorn – Marble Shelf – Soap Dish So many of my friends have achieved such amazing things this year and lots of them will be enjoying their new year or festive season in their new home. The festive season is the perfect time to gift friends with homeware and self-care products. I have always loved buying gifts that are sentimental but also you can also get away with gifting some cute looking gifts for the festive season purely…

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The YuYu: Hot Water Bottles Get A Makeover

[ad_1] My household loves a hottie. A snuggly hot water bottle, tucked between cold bedsheets in our draughty Victorian house is an old-school treat and much loved by my digital-native sons. We’d never really thought that there was anything lacking in our rectangular bottles, but the moment you set eyes on the YuYu version, all elongated stylish cream rubber, you think why weren’t they always this shape? Yes, the hottie has had a makeover (thanks to Mr Richard Yu) and…

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How I found myself in 2018

[ad_1] How I found myself in 2018 | What Katie Did Now Metaphorically speaking, I always knew I was there. Somewhere probably under a big white duvet with her cat, over thinking about the world. But I was there. I’ve come to terms with myself this year, and admitted a few truths to the mirror… ;> [ad_2] This is only a snippet of article written by noreply@blogger.com (Katie Graves) Read Full Article

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A December Life Update | Raindrops of Sapphire

[ad_1] As you enjoyed my November Life Update post, I have turned it into a monthly series as requested. I also got a few requests on my IG Stories as well to include more inspirational things, music, movies etc. as well as general interests in the month. I was even asked to do a weekly schedule, which I did attempt, but since I spend a lot of days at home, it didn’t really work out so I thought I’d just…

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What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear > Shoeperwoman

[ad_1] No matter how many clothes you have, I’m sure we’ve all had days when we just stand there staring into our closets and wailing, “I have nothing to wear!” I know I do – and I have so many clothes I had to give them their own bedroom, so I KNOW that’s not true. It doesn’t stop me feeling like it is, though, and that’s where outfit formulas come in. I talked about the concept of outfit formulas earlier…

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Mastering my own home… – The Magpie Girl: A UK Fashion & Lifestyle blog

[ad_1] Home DIY and decor has been on my mind a lot lately, we have loads of exciting plans to re-do our ensuite and downstairs loo and utility room hopefully over the course of the summer. So when E.on energy contacted me and asked me to take part in a home maintenance challenge I couldn’t resist. I pride myself on being able to pull a scheme or look for a room together, Ive always known what I like and that…

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Cobuydi; The fashion destination you need in your life

[ad_1] When it comes to clothes, I prefer to invest in high quality pieces rather than poor quality items that you throw away after one season. Don’t get me wrong, fast fashion brands are great for trying a new trend or if you’re on a budget. But ultimately, I’d rather quality over quantity. Cobuydi is the place for fantastic quality and unique finds Since I lead a very busy lifestyle, I do alot of shopping online. It makes life a…

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Amazon Fashion launches a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service

[ad_1] Amazon Fashion is today launching its ‘try before you buy’ service in the UK, marking the online retailer’s latest effort to take market share in the fashion space. With Prime Wardrobe, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, shoppers can order between three and eight fashion items for free delivery, try them on at home, and only pay for the items they wish to keep.  … [ad_2] This is only a snippet of article written by Chloe Street Read Full…

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