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I am humbled on this silent night in Florida | My thoughts after Hurricane Irma & how you can help in Irma Disaster Relief.

This post contains affiliate links. I survived the record-breaking storm but still complained about it afterward. Now, I am humbled after Hurricane Irma. Find out my thoughts and how you can help the victims.  It’s a very silent night. A night so silent that it gives you chills. People always talk about the calm before the storm, but the night after a storm like Hurricane Irma is down right eery. Families are praising God that their lives were spared after…

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Quilted Skirts – Top Picks and Outfit Inspirations to Rock the Trend

Quilted faux leather took the fashion scene by storm at the end of 2013 and has made its way into 2014. And this time, it’s not just the jackets and the handbags. It’s Rock Chic Skirts that are quilted! If you haven’t already, add one of these trendiest pieces to your wardrobe. You are still not too late! Black has always been choice in faux leather and shows of the quilting stitches beautifully, but there are more colors to choose…

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Wooden Fashion is in! – Dot Com Women

Slowly, but steadily, wood has been climbing the fashion ladder through the past few years. From wooden heels to bentwood rings, you’d be surprised at what Wood can do for your wardrobe! Fashionistas are wowed by the range of versatile wooden fashion accessories that are now made available for every budget from premium fashion houses to creative etsy shops. Follow in the wooden fashion trail with us as we guide you through our favorite “oh-so beautiful” picks and show you…

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Footwear Trends Spring-Summer 2017 | Fashion, Trends

An old saying says the sleigh should be ready by summer and fashion says that footwear should be chosen immediately after the spring-summer 2017 fashion shows. Let’s see, then, what to and what not to buy this wonderful season. From the beginning we must say that the diversity of designs is not that big, but we can say unequivocally that there was no dull footwear. Designers have decided to impress with quality, not quantity. There is no banality and lack…

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Jeans Spring-Summer 2017 | Fashion, Trends

Nowadays, feminine clothes are no longer only dresses and skirts. Fashionable jeans in 2017 spring-summer season may look really feminine, if, of course, you’re not fan of everything in masculine style. But even to those who love the bold grunge and casual, designers have prepared enough interesting patterns of jeans. We must mention that the super low waist is no longer actual, now jeans should sit on the waist or just below. As for design, the fashion denim continues the…

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Dresses Spring-Summer 2017 | Fashion, Trends

Do not expect new trends because in today’s world it is difficult to invent something totally new. However, fashionable dresses in spring-summer 2017 season will surely impress us. If bare breasts do not surprise anyone, then multiple layers or dress worn over pants looks very fresh and unusual. Fashionable dresses are far from the classic style, from now on, even at the office you can go in lacy and frilled outfits. To keep up with the latest fashion trends for…

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Women’s Pants Spring-Summer 2017 | Fashion, Trends

Do you wear only skirts and dresses? Fashion pants in 2017 spring-summer season open new horizons – you do not even have imagined that wearing pants you can also look a very sexy woman. Fashion ceased to be conservative. Newer ideas are appearing on fashion catwalks. But designers do not give up on their previously done work, giving retro clothes a new life. In the new season, pants amaze us by the variety of new models. Do not be afraid…

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What to wear with over the knee boots | Fashion, Style Tips

Over the knee boots are a leader in the list of fashion trends several consecutive seasons, but now there are some girls who are afraid to wear them for the fear to not resemble “uneducated” ladies. Despite the strong reputation they have, “vulgar” over the knee boots are actually very democratic and harmonizes with many clothing. There are not so many real interdictions, but if we analyze objectively, then there is only one – do not wear such boots with…

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Shoes for Women Spring-Summer 2017 | Fashion, Trends

In the coming warm season, women footwear will become particularly colorful. Despite this, in 2017 spring-summer season designers have opted for shoes with laconic shapes and refused complicated constructions in the shape of sculptural heels and abundant decorative elements. It is difficult to name certain leaders among the trends and styles, although designers have preferred shoe designs whom have paid a more special attention, namely to shoes with sharp toe. Sharp Toe This spring, shoes sharp toe are present in…

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Hairstyle Trends Spring-Summer 2017 | Beauty, Hair

The basic element of femininity, the hair, became a perfect inspiration for world’s famous stylists. Therefore, be prepared: in 2017 spring-summer season there is no room for monotony, simple and original hairstyles are in huge demand: ponytails, braids, loose curls…and stylists have managed to interpret them so as to make them look stylish and unusual. So now, when we are still wearing hats on our heads, let’s see what hairstyles trends propose us those who best know this. Ponytail Let’s…

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Haircuts for Women 2017 | Beauty, Hair

The fashion haircuts in 2017, images that fully demonstrate the variety of options and maximum simplicity in arranging, can be created on a hair with a completely different length. Short and medium length hair can be called a trend because its length allows the creation of hairstyles in a very short time. Although, the hair a bit lower than the shoulder look very feminine, and the natural hairstyle will not require complicated manipulation of hair tools and products. Let’s see…

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