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Lanx x Lily Kate | #ProperShoes made in Lancashire

Today I bring thee good shoes, a local (to me) British brand, and some of my favourite photos from a collaboration ever.  All the good stuff! I came across Lanx Shoes on Instagram, as is often the way these days.  They’re nice looking shoes with nice photos, but the ‘Made in Lancashire’ line caught my attention mostly.  Gotta have a nosey at anything made in your home county, of course.  I’m always on the look out for local brands and…

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The Lingerie Addict Kickstarter is Live!!! (And We’ve Reached Our Goal!) – Lingerie Fashion Article

The Lingerie Addict Kickstarter is Live!!! (And We’ve Reached Our Goal!) Photo by Emma Wyatt Photography If you already follow me on any of my other social channels, then you already know I’m just a scooch late getting my new Kickstarter campaign up on the blog. That wasn’t deliberate; I’ve had this post sitting in edits for about two days now. But every time I was ready to update and publish, there was a new (and noteworthy!) development to the…

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L.A.’s Cool Kids Come Out for AllSaints’ 25th at Chateau Marmont – WWD

Late on Thursday night, Los Angeles’ edgier crowd of artists, musicians, actors, models, skaters — in leather skirts and jackets, ripped tights and denim — were out dancing to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and The Cure inside a bungalow of Chateau Marmont, where AllSaints celebrated its 25th anniversary. “Where else?” replied the London-based brand’s creative director, Wil Beedle, of the choice in location. The brand moved its New York City offices to L.A. in 2015. “Truly, where else? Chateau…

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Two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending Liv’s wedding. It was so so beautiful!! But in true Kim style, I had nothing to wear 2 days before, despite looking online for months for something. I’m so crap at finding a wedding guest outfit, which is hilarious coming from someone who’s writing a blog post on it. Time just got away with me, which always has me heading to Net-a-Porter / ASOS for next day deliveries. A-las I…

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Three Ways to Unlock the Potential Value of Cross-Channel Shopping – WWD

Many fashion retailers treat omnichannel as a burden — something they are forced to do, just to keep up. But I try to remind them that, with the right approach, omnichannel also provides an enormous opportunity, since cross-channel shoppers — those who both buy online and in stores — are significantly more profitable than the average customer. Based on my work with fashion clients, I have found multichannel customers deliver: • Higher revenue: Average annual revenue is two times that of…

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The Best Weekender Bags (Plus What to Pack in Them)

Product Details:Cuyana Weekender Bag, Cuyana Travel Case We won’t be heading out of town until after Christmas, but I know that many readers are eagerly preparing for upcoming travel, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner! Whether you opt to pack a duffle bag, an oversized tote, a backpack, a rolling suitcase, or my favorite, a weekender, a highly functional bag makes any travel a little easier. Lost luggage and delays are even more of a headache when your time…

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24 Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness Buys for Black Friday – Women’s Fashion Article

24 Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness Buys for Black Friday At any given point throughout the year, I have a running list of things to buy that I keep in the notes app of my phone and desktop. On it are all of the holes I’ve identified in my life—you’ll find anything from a new white T-shirt to the It bag I’m lusting after or even the supplements my friend recommended to me. I use this list as a way to save up for the items…

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25+ Best Apple Desserts Perfect For Thanksgiving

Apple, pecan and pumpkin spice – these are the flavours of fall without a doubt. If you’re looking for apple dessert recipes to serve during Thanksgiving, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after the best traditional apple pie recipe, or you want to try something new and exciting (caramelized apple nachos anyone?), you’ll find what you’re looking for in this post. To access the full recipe, simply click over to the blog post given below the recipe image, but make…

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Chinese Beauty Secrets & Ancient Skincare Methods > Shoeperwoman

Achieving beautiful and healthy skin is something all of us dream of. Having a good skincare routine is something we all have to discover for ourselves. Different cultures have different methods and treatments that have been traditionally used throughout the years. Asian women especially are one of the biggest experts when it comes to skincare. They follow their routines religiously with some tools and ingredients. Taking care of your skin will leave it looking wrinkle-free and smooth. Chinese culture has…

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Madalynne Intimates + Lingerie – Bralettes to Buy and Sew! – Lingerie Fashion Article

Madalynne Intimates + Lingerie – Bralettes to Buy and Sew! I’m so thrilled to release my newest pattern with Simplicity and guess what, it’s not lingerie! The 8995 is a pajama set – jammie set – that is meant to be the coziest + cutest me-made in your handmade wardobe. This one is for all the ladies who want to wear their jammies and *regular* clothing. You bet your heiny that I’ll be making the pant using a 4-ply silk,…

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10 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

13/11/2019 Can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep? Same here. Ever since my Grandma died I’ve been having trouble both getting to sleep and waking up in the night, mainly with nightmares and memories. I guess when dealing with grief, that is to be expected. If, however, the reason for your sleepless nights isn’t obvious (i.e. unlike me you don’t also have a snoring, snorty pug dog in your bed), consider trying some of these methods to help you…

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