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Fashion Jewelry – A Great Way to Motivate Your Daughter to Do Well in School

Many parents are constantly looking for ways to motivate their children to do well in school. They come up with all kinds of ideas that will give their children a reason to work hard and get good marks. Some students are self motivated, but many need something exciting to get them working. A good percentage of parents make fancy charts as a motivator. They explain to their children that each time they achieve above a certain grade on a test…

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Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

The European fashion shows have finished, and the top designer brands have been showing their latest collections, but what have been the noticeable themes this year, and what is likely to be in the high street menswear stores for the spring and summer season of 2018? Top designer brands, such as Armani Jeans, Billionaire Boys Club, Kenzo and Stone Island are stocking their shelves with the latest fashion right now, so here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to…

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Fashion Marketing

The fashion industry is a prolific, burgeoning and multi-billion dollar industry. Every individual in society is a conscious or unconscious victim to fashion. Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone markets fashion through their own personal statement. Fashion marketing is an integral part of the fashion industry and an important tool to effectively communicate the largeness of the industry to its target audiences. The task of creating a seamless process of getting runway apparel to various fashion retailers, distributor and stores; that in…

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Kurti’s the Fashion Statement

Indian Fashion Kurti, also known as Tunic tops, is very much in fashion these days. It is very comfortable and looks very stylish. The term Kurta tunic tops or Kurti are used to describe the shorter kameez. Most women prefer to wear these without the chunni. It’s a Shirt-like garment reaching till the hips. It can be of short, long, three fourth sleeves or without sleeves. Its often has a round or a “V” neckline. Kurti is just a top.…

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Cheap Maxi Dresses on Sale Are Available Everywhere!

The maxi dress has been a fashion item since the autumn, a bit tricky to wear in the snow, but it encouraged a return to long evening dresses at Christmas and New Year. Some of those winter dresses were pretty expensive, and a lot of people bought them as one-off special purchases. Now, the sun is out, and the shops are absolutely full of dresses in a rainbow of colors; the maxi dress is definitely a fashion buy this summer.…

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Why You Should Wear Men's Designer Jeans

Men’s designer jeans will always make you stand out no matter the occasion. They work effortlessly in voicing your unique sense of style when it comes to fashion that separates you from other men. They are high class and are usually made of the best denim materials to ensure their longevity. Here are sure reasons why you should choose them regardless of the event. They have a wide variety Pants display variety so you can easily choose the ones that…

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Purchasing a Hand Bag

Women usually carry loads of stuff along with them, which ranges from objects of daily use to even some rarely used objects. Women’s craving for fashion and style is well known so a very fashionable way was devised for this purpose and it was named handbags. In the infant stages this object was purely designed as jute bags or rather simple small sacks but this product fascinated the attention of fashion industry as it had great potential of being transformed…

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Tote Bags Are Extremely Popular With Women

The contemporary woman must carry more items that can possibly fit in a conventional purse. Even big purses are flawed in design in that they necessitate women to lug heavy objects painfully by hand. The tote bag permits women to bring around prospective heavy things over their shoulders with a simple fabric handle. For almost all women, bags are essential parts of their existence. Bags have an important connotation due to their versatile nature. For women who are always in…

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"I Can Only Wear Gold Jewelry" – The Truth About Jewelry Allergies

I can only wear gold jewelry, everything else breaks me out.” How many times did I hear that exact phrase from my mother when I was a child? Every time I would give her jewelry that was her response. Why does everything but gold break my mother out? Is that statement even true? When I started designing jewelry over ten years ago I decided to find out. I wanted to design jewelry for my mom that she could wear without…

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Vegan Shoes Are the Next Eco-friendly Fashion Trend

Those who truly embrace veganism are those who will not use or eat any part of the animal. Therefore in recent years we have seen a steady increase in the number of people wishing to buy vegan shoes, as well as vegan bags, clothing and all other kinds of accessories. The difference between vegan shoes and shoes worn by carnivores is not only that vegan shoes are not made using leather which is fairly obvious, but they are manufactured without…

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How to Become a Successful Fashion Designer

If you are like me you live and breathe fashion. You are constantly impressed with so many new designs racing through your mind, so many you can not seem to get them all down quick enough at the pace they arrive. You constantly dream of the day your fashions will be on the fashion runway with the lights beaming brightly overhead, the cameras flashing everywhere and the audience being completely mesmerized by your incredible designs. You can not stop thinking…

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The Perfect Prom Dress

Want a prom dress that’s going to turn everyone’s head when you walk into the room? Want a prom dress that is different from everyone else’s prom dress? Well you can have that perfect prom dress. What colors are in style for prom dresses? For the prom in 2007 you will see some new colors you have not seen in fashion for a while like navy and burgundy gold, raspberry, purple orange, black and white, and all the fun prom…

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