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Homemade natural skin care recipes > Shoeperwoman

Your skin is something you should always take proper care of. It may seem like a full skin care routine costs a fortune considering all the products you need to buy. Little did you know, you can make your own natural skin care products at home which is both cheaper and healthier for your body. There are various types of product categories for skin care: Face masks: Diminish fine lines Refine skin pores – a good face mask…

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Spring Styling with House Of Fraser

I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for some nice weather here in UK now. That little taste of sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago was so lovely but in typical UK style, it didn’t stick around for too long! Please come back soon sunshine, I miss you! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been adding lots of new pieces to my Spring wardrobe and I just cannot wait until I can ditch the…

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Don’t Bankrupt Yourself Following Influencers

I never ever want to patronise you – you’re smart, I know that – but sometimes I do worry that maybe even the extreme obvious isn’t being said. You’ve seen the title of this post and probably thought – okay, well obviously Zoe – but let me elaborate. You know back when blogging started to become more of a thing than just a livejournal diary of the people that upset you at school, and more of a business, I felt…

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Career Advice for Fashion Students

Yesterday I spoke at panel event at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham. I studied Fashion Journalism at UCA’s Epsom campus, graduating with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in 2011. And every now and then I work with current UCA students, to provide career guidance and social media workshops. This is both a huge honour, and a little bit trippy, because it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I graduated (how have eight years passed…

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The Best Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Looks of 2019

Hot off the heels of a Met Gala red carpet for the history books, we’ve now set our sights on a destination some 4000 miles from NYC: the French Riviera. While creativity reigns supreme on the Met Gala red carpet, glamour is the name of the game at the Cannes Film Festival. Now in its 72nd year, the festival always boasts the most ravishing celebrity looks befitting the chic location. After all, would you show up to the South of…

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Lookfantastic launches Omorovicza beauty box, worth over £275 but costs £95

Want to treat yourself to some new goodies? Premium skin care Omorovicza is launching a new beauty box with Lookfantastic, and it’s full of goodies. The Look Fantastic X Omorovicza box is packed full of six luxurious Omorovicza products and will set shoppers back £95, which may seem pricey but is worth over £275 so is a great chance to pick up your favourite products for less. Look Fantastic Beauty Subscribers will be able to claim an extra £20 discount…

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Festival Ready With Superdry | Fashion Influx

FESTIVAL READY WITH SUPERDRY Okay, excitement for sunshine season has set in following some warm weather and festival trends landing in stores! Festival season is always one of my favourite times of year – there are so many good outfit opportunities, and it’s always a chance to wear something a little different. Even if the weather’s a complete let down, no one looks at you strange when you roll up in a summer dress or short shorts! To start off…

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Logomania – Camille Over the Rainbow

The last time designers felt the compulsion to punch brand iconography all over their creations was way back in the 90s. My first ever luxury purchase immediately comes to mind: a hand-me-down bartered off an ex-boyfriend’s younger sister, that never left my side, and that I probably still have somewhere at home. Much has changed in the twenty-five (gulp!) odd years that set us apart. We were the last generation to experience life sans technology after all. Since then, while…

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FFG Eats: Abuelo, Covent Garden, London

Walking in the front door of Abuelo in London, you won’t be the first to stop and ask where you’ll find the main dining room. You’re looking at it. The small space, that seats no more than about 15, is intimate to say the least, but designed to reflect the concept of eating in an actual home. One family sized table occupies the window, with two smaller tables off to the right taking up the remaining space. So, as you…

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