The Most Dope DIY Halloween Costumes That You’ll Want To Steal

Fresh Looks For Chicks Who Love Halloween Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re as sick as we are of dressing like a MF cat every year, this article is for you. Halloween is the one time of the year where girls can dress as “creative trendy skanks” and not feel bad about it. This rule of thumb really gives you more room for better DIY Halloween costumes to transform into. Also, don’t act like you’re too cool to…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Mavens

Have you seen the viral video of the girl who accidentally purchased $700 of makeup from Sephora on her moms credit card? That’s us. All the time. Well, instead of feeling bad for accidentally charging your Mom’s credit card, now we’re giving you a gift guide to help Mama out and make life a lot easier for your high maintenance ass. You’re welcome. Keep reading to see what our picks for the 2016 beauty gift guide looks like. The Ultimate…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Everyday Fashionista

Turkey Day just ended and you better believe we have already put out our Christmas trees, decked the halls with cheer and turned the outside of our house into an EDM trippy private concert. If you know a friend, daughter or relative that is a total sass monster and considers herself to eat, breathe and live fashion, keep reading. This gift guide is sure to make your holiday shopping much easier. Thank us later. Keep scrolling to see our 2016…

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Mark Zuckerberg and Daughter Max Wear Matching Outfits

by: PEOPLE.COM/Jen Juneau September 15, 2017 @ 4:00 PM Tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg may be the CEO of Facebook and not Apple, but his own little apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. The new father of two—he and wife Dr. Priscilla Chan welcomed their second daughter, August, last month—shared an adorable photo this week of himself and older daughter Maxima “Max,” 22 months, sporting coordinating ensembles while taking a stroll in what looks like the family’s backyard. Zuckerberg, 33,…

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Ashley Graham’s Runway Prep Involves a Lot of Beyoncé

September 15, 2017 @ 4:30 PM Ashley Graham, the unofficial face (and body) of the sartorial revolution, is an old pro when it comes to strutting her stuff on the runway/red carpet/in photo shoots/on Instagram, et al. Unsurprisingly, most of Graham’s slayage is the result of natural talent and exuberant confidence. “Honestly, there’s nothing that’s that much different in preparing for the runway verses preparing for a photo shoot verses real life,” the model and entrepreneur told InStyle. When it…

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Color Melting Fall Hair Color Highlights Trend

September 15, 2017 @ 5:00 PM Today, highlights are nothing like the chunky stripes you had back in high school. If looking back at your yearbook photos has traumatized you enough to swear off highlights, the color technique of adding dimension to your hair has come a long way since the afternoons you spent at the salon with your hair wrapped in foils. Following in the footsteps of ombré and balayage is color melting, an even more subtle approach to…

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These Colors Are the New Millennial Pink—Shop Now

Hold up: Millennial pink is out? While it’s doubtful that the color that took over 2016 (and continued to be on-trend well into 2017) will completely go away, there are definitely some new color players in the trend game. Say hello to power red and hot pink! These vibrant shades are sure to turn heads, brighten up your wardrobe, and make you excited to depart from the minimalist, monochromatic trend (though not abandon it completely, of course). It’s all about…

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22 Mesh Outfits Even Your Boss Will Approve Of

With athleisure in full-force this fall, mesh is one fabric you’ll see everywhere, from sidewalks to store racks. When styled well, mesh gives us those sporty, ’90s feels we love without looking too casual or cheap. From mesh cover-ups tossed over a body-con dress to a cool top paired with overalls, this is one trend to try ASAP. Considering that mesh is essentially sheer, there’s a fine line between styling it to look classy or just straight-up inappropriate. Heading into…

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Kim Kardashian’s Most Naked, Nude Outfits

For years, Kim Kardashian has been synonymous with Internet-breaking nude selfies, so it was only a matter of time before the 36-year-old reality star’s preference for baring it all would transition to her fashion sense. Though celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna are great contenders in the nude fashion game, Kim is giving them a run for their money, judging from the slay-worthy sheer AF outfits she’s been sporting lately. Though the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star isn’t everyone’s cup…

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Kendall Jenner Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Kendall Jenner is in hot water again. Just weeks after she faced backlash for using Tupac Shakur’s image without consent on a t-shirt for her fashion line, the model has been accused of being a “cultural vulture” for appropriating Mexican-American culture. In an Instagram photo posted on the Kendall + Kylie clothing line account she shares with sister Kylie Jenner, a faceless woman can be seen modeling flowing an oversized plaid shirt with the top two buttons fastened over a…

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Kendall + Kylie Chinese Takeout Bag Controversy

Kendall Jenner is in hot water again. Kendall Jenner’s brand has become synonymous with cultural appropriation. The 21-year-old model, who has been hard at work walking the runways at New York Fashion Week, is facing backlash again amid yet another controversy. Asian fans are outraged after the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star released a Chinese takeout box-shaped purse as a part of her Kendall + Kylie label, which she shares with sister Kylie Jenner. The $150 handbag reads “KK…

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