New Ways To Practice Self Care

At times we look for happiness elsewhere. Whether that’s from jobs, other people, or outside forces when in fact happiness should be found from within – that is the essence of self care. In addition to dedicating down time for ourselves and working on our mental health, we’ve also been seeking out other ways to nurture our body. We just read an article on feminine care and realized how little we actually know about vulva health and how to take…

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Look Du Jour: Swinging London – Women’s Fashion Article

Look Du Jour: Swinging London Aside from semi fancy dress dressing, one of my greatest sartorial pleasures is of course colour co-ordination. Seriously, I do it all the time without even thinking about it. I can be being carted off to A&E with a kidney infection or neck spasm and will somehow have managed to match my pyjamas to my coat, socks and pain killer filled handbag despite being blinded by pain and without even thinking about it. That’s no…

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – Keeping Warm This Winter

08/11/2019 Today the legendary Christmas Markets open in Manchester and, after a long summer and a relatively mild start to autumn, the temperate is finally starting to drop. It seems like as soon as November hits, the temperature dives, the rain begins to fall, we all turn our heating on and spend time searching for our hats, scarves, and gloves. You might have got your big coat out of storage, and you may have already spent mornings de icing your…

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Bobo Choses AW18 The Happy Sads – Chalk Kids

Fashion 13/08/2018 | Comments Off on Bobo Choses AW18 The Happy Sads Bobo Choses is glad to present the fanciest music band ever. They sing about children and their roller coaster-like feelings spinning round and round, up and down; they play both right and wrong; they act like always never; they listen to sad songs and change just like the weather… They are The Happysads! The latest collection from Bobo Choses is here! Some Happy-Sad key items are faux fur…

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Menguak Potensi Pasar Lingerie – Lingerie Insight – Lingerie Fashion Article

Menguak Potensi Pasar Lingerie – Lingerie Insight Lingerie hingga kini masih belum terlalu mendapatkan sambutan hangat untuk di indonesia. Akan tetapi untuk di kelas dunia, produk fashion yang satu ini sudah memiliki tempat tersendiri. Terlebih jika produk lingerie tersebut sudah dipakai oleh orang-orang yang ada di dunia. Brand-brand lengkap yang ada di dunia tidak membuat pasar lingerie di indonesia bergerak secara signifikant. Meskipun belum bergerak signifikant, akan tetapi pasar tidak menolak kehadiran lingerie. Hingga kini memang di indonesia sendiri belum…

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The Best Looks from the 2018 People’s Choice Awards

On Sunday, all the best and brightest of Hollywood stepped out for the annual People’s Choice Awards—and, as to be expected, there was *a lot* of great #FASHION. From the Kardashian/Jenner’s sporting thigh-high slits on the carpet to Bad Moms actress Mila Kunis’s simple LBD, there was tons to covet. Honestly, with Black Friday sales coming up, the entire evening felt like shopping inspo and we are here for it. The Best and Buzziest Looks from the 2018 People’s Choice Awards…

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Rica Wax

Rica wax is also called chocolate wax. It is composed up of vegetable oil and plant-based ingredients. They are produced from an Italian Cosmetics Company called Rica that manufactures high-quality body care products. But their most popular product remains the Rica Wax. What makes this wax so special is its 100% Colophony free elements. Source: What Is Rica Wax? It is not used for hair removal purpose but can leave skin smooth and moisturized. They are costlier than regular…

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A fresh start.. – Women’s Fashion Article

A fresh start.. I haven’t shot anything in London for a super duper long time, slowly but surely however, I’m getting back into outfit pictures and I am so happy with how these turned out, I couldn’t help but share them on here. I won’t go too in depth about the outfit, I wanted to talk more about this blog and the changes you may have noticed!   If you have noticed, there is a brand spanking new layout here…

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Grabbing Joy By The Balls

17/03/2019 I’m going to put it out there before I get to the good happy stuff: it’s been a really shitty week – in the news, and in general for me. I won’t bore you with the boring details of why I’m feeling sad again, but hearing about the atrocious terror attack on the Mosque in New Zealand was heartbreaking. And the news of Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis death is so sad and could be unpicked so much more…

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Duchess of Fashion has been nominated for a UK Blog Award! – Duchess of Fashion

Happy Monday everyone! Now I’m not quite sure how on earth this happened but Duchess of Fashion has been nominated for a UK blog award in the fashion and beauty category! From my understanding you can enter a blog or your own blog to be nominated (which I did not), which means the kindest human being entered my blog for the nomination and I can’t express how grateful I am that someone would even consider entering my…

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