Not Another Mental Health & Self Acceptance Post …

you’d never know unless i told you, but these photos were taken a few hours following a rather extreme and out of the blue anxiety attack. those of you familiar know it doesn’t just go away after the ‘height’ of it and i can reluctantly confirm that i definitely cried and freaked out both prior to and (quite) a few times after this little photo break. and i’d definitely just done a full face of cute make up before the former…

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Life Beyond The Capsule Wardrobe

April 17, 2019 It’s been a year since I made the big decision to quit my capsule wardrobe. I used capsule wardrobes for a couple of years and felt like I’d taken the concept as far as I could. My capsule wardrobe journey changed the way I think about fashion and my personal style. It gave me the tool I needed to end my negative relation with fast fashion and embrace the slow fashion movement. I wanted to check in…

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How I improve my performance with a perfect night’s sleep in collaboration with Leesa – Duchess of Fashion

Believe it or not, investing in a good quality mattress is the first step towards improving your performance. Research shows that good sleep helps us to learn more efficiently and improve our concentration levels; furthermore it helps to improve our memories, which is essential for learning new information. Whether you’re working in the office everyday, making the daily school-runs, attending lectures or even organising your home, good sleep will always play a vital role in your ability to execute these…

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Salutations babes? How are we? I’m back with another post which is all about side hustles and making money on the side. Please feel free to catch up on my previous post, if you missed it.  I’ve recently been trying to educate myself on money and diversifying my income stream. Because I strongly believe that it’s important to have different hobbies going on to keep you stimulated, not to mention it’s always great to have a different way of making…

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Dressing in a stylish way when you have a chronic pain condition.

AD |  This post is written in partnership with M&S as part of an on going collaboration.  Bar the fact I like to look stylish, well put together and quite frankly cool as fuck, my number one priority when it comes to how I dress is, to be comfortable. Having a chronic pain condition, well it sucks. I am always in pain, always trying to best deal with my many symptoms and continually trying to make my life/body as comfortable…

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August 6, 2018 How do you dress smartly on hot summer days? Is it ever okay to wear flip-flops to the office? What works from desk to dinner? So many questions. I’m never sure I have the answer but this outfit does it for me. Details: T-shirt: New Look / Skirt: Gap / Blazer: Primark / Bag: TK Maxx / Necklace: Alex Monroe / Sandals: Greece! (try…

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Hello hello, remember me, I feel like a broken record apologising lately for the lack of content recently. With the wedding in ONE MONTHS time, it’s all hands on deck and some things have to give. Unfortunately writing blog posts is one of them. Sorry 🙁 A little update. It was my hen do over the weekend, and my wonderful bridesmaids excelled themselves. I was a little apprehensive as I’m not usually one for not knowing all the plans for…

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Log-Off This Weekend | Laura Bradshaw

If you’re in the UK, you’ll be very aware that this weekend is Easter bank holiday which means we get a few extra days off of work (obviously as well as some religious things too and a lot of chocolate) So here I am just trying to protest that once you read this blog post – you take a few days off of social media, because let me tell you… it will do you a whole lot of good. I…

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My 40 tasks and a life update

Easter Sunday has flown by in a flurry of creme eggs and lie ins, and I’ve now had the chance to review my list of ‘40 days for 40 days‘ that I committed to back at the beginning of March.  I do always feel in a slight ‘quandary’ with challenges like these as I find it difficult to find the balance between avoiding giving myself a hard time if I don’t complete them, vs wanting to be goal-focussed and driven. …

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I took the So Shape Challenge and here’s what happened.. — Stephanie Toms

I won’t lie to you guys. When it comes to diets, detox teas, and meal replacements I’m always somewhat…dubious, to say the least. More often than not, I find that all of the above either work (but taste awful) or taste great, but do absolutely nothing for my appetite..or my non existent abs. But saying that, I’ll give anything a good go. Especially when I’m expected to shoot bikini pics in Spain in just three weeks time – which is…

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So today, I must admit is quite a random blogpost but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and thought why the heck not eh?! It is simply just some of the things I can’t quite understand.You know the things that you cannot find the rhyme nor the reason to why it or they are as they are? Well, this post will disclose some of those, the things that box my brain and confuse me no end.…

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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas, I had my first ever Christmas with my boyfriend so that was nice. We didn’t really do much but that was pretty much what we wanted. It was also my blogs 9th birthday on Christmas Day,… The post SALE FAVOURITES appeared first on kayla hadlington. This is only a snippet of article written by Kayla Hadlington Read Full Article

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