Our Team’s Favorite Pieces from the January Collection

Outfit Details:Adeline Dress | Hayden Jumpsuit | Emmeline Dress | Mimi Jumpsuit Our January Collection may be smaller than most of our monthly launches, but each piece we included feels especially intentional. After all, this is the season when so many of us are cleaning out our closets and redefining our personal styles so we can start the new year on a fresh, well-curated note. If that describes you right now, know that our team is right there with you, working…

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The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Despite the obscenely obvious fact that being an influencer in Bali has become one of the biggest cliche’s our social media generation has known, I’ve never actually written down a full blog post on my experiences and my recommendations of where to go. Not even a highlight on my Instagram page! And the trip I took there in December marked my fourth time to the Indonesian island (and quite embarrassingly, my third trip there in 2019) – so I guess…

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Love Colour, Choosing Colours To Live With by Anna Starmer

Once you’ve decluttered (see yesterday’s post) you’ll look around and think ‘this place could do with a repaint’. I’m about to repaint the kitchen, which means looking at colour choices and that always makes me very nervous. I am always 100% in love with the colours I’ve chosen until they hit the wall, then I realise they are just all wrong. Jane is a natural with colour, but I need lots of help, so I was excited to receive the…

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13 Struggles Only Women With Big Breasts Understand – Lingerie Fashion Article

13 Struggles Only Women With Big Breasts Understand Being blessed with a great pair of assets comes with its own struggles.  If you’re a C+ cup size you very well know what we mean. At least once a day you wish you had a smaller breast size, don’t you? Here are 13 struggles only women with big breasts will understand. 1. Lost food is hard to find  That movie date can be a bit embarrassing if you spend most of…

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Charles Melton Went From Wearing Target to Balmain – WWD

NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE: Every once in a while, Charles Melton has a “pinch me” moment. Friday night was one of them. “I’m just a kid from Kansas, I don’t wear things like this everyday,” said the “Riverdale” actor, speaking at the Balmain show held in the cavernous Grande Halle de la Villette, an event center in the north of Paris. Melton, who plays heartthrob Reggie in the series, was wearing an oversized striped suit designed by Olivier Rousteing. “I…

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Quote of the day: Zoe Bedeaux on Judy Blame – Women’s Fashion Article

Quote of the day: Zoe Bedeaux on Judy Blame 17 January, 2020 “Judy used to play around with all of those luxury brands, cutting up their logos and rebranding them – brands like Moët, Chanel and Vuitton. i-D used to print letters that were sent in and Moët sent one in saying that they were looking for Judy – they wanted to prosecute ‘her’! I find it amusing that Judy recently went on to work for Louis Vuitton,…

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Barbour Launches Gold Standard Line At Fashion Week in Paris – WWD

The Barbour ‘Supa Sporting Quilt’ jacket Courtesy Photo BARBOUR POP-UP: The British Embassy in Paris temporarily served as a showcase of Barbour coats for the launch of its new line, the ‘Gold Standard,’ a series of pieces inspired by the archives and designed to push the famed English waxed cotton coat upmarket a notch. Setting the scene, a vintage Aston Martin sat in the courtyard, a reference to a James Bond getaway car. Inside, pattern cutters who were flown in…

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8 Best Hand Masks for Winter 2020

There are literally masks for every part of our bodies. From faces to locks to lips and even boobs and butts, there are endless ways to treat our skin. And since it’s winter, skin care takes on a whole new meaning, especially when it comes to our hands. But there are masks out there specifically designed to heal them by nourishing our nails and moisturizing those dry, flaky pockets on our palms.But not all hand masks are created equal. Look…

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PFW: Louis Gabriel Nouchi Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection – PAUSE Online

“Redefining Male Fashion.” PAUSE is an independent digital publication focused on young male fashion. We cover street style, the latest trends, style advice and reveal the latest products available for the fashion conscious young male. The vision for PAUSE was to create a platform which effortlessly expresses male fashion. The idea behind the word PAUSE was for its audience to physically as well as visually pause (stop) for male fashion, style advice and the latest trends. PAUSE signifies the actual…

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Bankrupt Barneys’ Unpopular Chapter 11 Plan – WWD

Congratulations to Paul Smith his storied 50-year fashion career. ⁣ ⁣ Once a racing cyclist, the British designer has used his boundless imagination, perseverance, business-savvy — and sheer sense of fun — to create a global fashion brand with sales of 250 million pounds a year. And it all began five decades ago with a tiny shop in Nottingham, England.⁣ ⁣ Having dedicated 50 years to building his business, he’s ready for more. Retiring is not part of the plan,…

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Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Coated Lenses Unise… – Women’s Fashion Article

Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Coated Lenses Unise…   Vendor: BSG™Type:Price: 36.99 Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Coated Lenses Unisex Diopter Presbyopic Ultra Light Antifatigue Eyeglasses Commercial Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Men Anti Blue Light Vintage Near Far Sight Spectacles Hyperopia Diopter  Progressive lenses are no-line multifocal eyeglass lenses that look exactly the same as single vision lenses. In other words, progressive lenses will help you see clearly at all distances without those annoying (and age-defining) “bifocal lines” that are visible bifocals and trifocals.…

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