I just HAD to go on holiday after my rich husbands mysterious death… Ok ok, all joking aside, I went on holiday with my boyfriend to Lanzarote and we had a very nice time. I made him buy me wine for this pic so that… The post PINK WIDOW 💅 appeared first on kayla hadlington. This is only a snippet of article written by Kayla Hadlington Read Full Article

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Shakespears Sister: Singles Party – Oh My Style

I’ve been a fan of Shakespears Sister since I was about 8 years old, I’m now 30! Back in 1993 Siobhan Fahey & Marcella Detroit fell out and the duo stopped making music together.  Growing up, I was definitely influenced by Siobhan, When I turned around 14 I dyed my hair black and I loved dressing in black and wearing black make up. I loved that they were glamorous women, powerful glamour not submissive glamour. Even now I love the more…

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🍎 Curvy Kate and the City! 🗽 – Lingerie Fashion Article

🍎 Curvy Kate and the City! 🗽 Curvy Kate took NYC for an entire week and we truly made the most of the city that never sleeps! Here is a whirl wind tour of NYC with the Curvy Kate team, from dawn till dusk we were spinning, jiggling, juggling and living our best lives! The Global Sales Team, models and Head Designer all joined forces to showcase the insanely exciting SS20 collections at Curve NYC, we might just show…

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What Is Fashion Production?

To understand fully what fashion production is all about, it's very important to have a look at what the term "fashion" stands for. Generally speaking, fashion refers to different styles on practices in the area of ​​clothing, makeup, accessories and even furniture. In a very strict sense, the term only refers to trends in wears or apparels. Hence, the production of fashion as discussed in this write-up is only limited to clothing, wears, attires and dresses. Fashion production as it…

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Roger Lynch CEO Conde Nast Talks Business the Future – WWD

Condé Nast’s new chief executive officer is starting to put his stamp on the company. In Roger Lynch’s first company-wide meeting at the end of last month, the new ceo tried to bring a more communicative style to his role, which he’s held for about four months. Although he quipped during the meeting that “it feels longer.” Unsurprising since Lynch has been overseeing the broad reorganization of Condé as it fuses U.S. and international operations, organizing a just-revealed executive reshuffling, digging…

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Get Ready To Take Notes From Saint Ivory’s All-Girls Academy – MISSBISH

Streetwear has primarily been a male dominated culture and Saint Ivory is here to revolutionize that streetwear stigma. Saint Ivory’s All-Girls Academy is driven by education, design, and uniformed clothing to create a new lifestyle platform for women where they can collaborate and empower each other through creativity and narratives. Learn more about the brand and what they stand for with our interview with them below! What are you most excited about launching Saint Ivory?The educational aspect of Saint Ivory.…

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History of Combat Boots And Their Role In Fashion

Combat boots have become much of a common place among the military organizations around the world. The first soldiers that were issued them were the foot soldiers of the Assyrians, they worn hobnail boots called caligae. Soldiers in the English Civil war were issued 3 sets of these special footwear and would change them after every march to be sure that each was worn in evenly. Instead of laces these had buckles that were used by most armies during that…

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Our Favorite Summer No-Gym Workouts

After horribly failing the 30-day No Snack Challenge in the office, the SOS team has shifted gears to committing to be more active. We tried going to the gym during the week, and we still do, but neither of us can say that we enjoy working out at the gym. That leads us to trying out new ways to exercise our bodies while having fun. We are determined to find a workout/workouts that can eventually turn into a long-term habit…

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Dreamy Holiday Jewelry To Add to Your Wish List

With the summer holiday season well and truly here, it’s time to start packing the suitcase for your getaway. With that said, you may be wondering what this year’s biggest Holiday Jewelry trends are when it comes to accessorizing your outfits. 2019 has both some fun and classic styles to work with, so there’s plenty of choice for mixing up your looks. Pearl of the Sea After their huge popularity in the early noughties, pearls are back on the scene.…

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Lindy West’s “Shrill” Is Coming To Hulu On March 15th – Lingerie Fashion Article

Lindy West’s “Shrill” Is Coming To Hulu On March 15th Lindy West’s collection of essays “Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman” was a culture shock that gave voice to the frustrations and inner thoughts of millions of American women. Now Shrill is coming to Hulu as a limited run six episode series that explores some of the themes that West explores in her book like fat acceptance, body positivity, and female empowerment. The series Shrill follows a plus size female…

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