Tips to Become a Widely Loved Fashion Blogger

Creating your own fashion blog can be the easiest and at the same time, the toughest of all writing assignments. The task can be both intimidating at times and exciting too. There is probably no other subject on earth that makes you as jittery as the subject of fashion when you start creating a blog dedicated solely to the aspects of looking great. Do Not Focus Solely on Earning Money : Like most of the other bloggers, fashion bloggers are…

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Kid's Fashion – Boys and Their Shorts

For the next five months, almost every little boy in America will be wearing shorts every day. So when it is time to do summer shopping, that is pretty much the only thing retailers need to stock for bottoms in the boys section. It is good to have a few other things just in case (jeans, cargo pants, etc), but keep the central display racks hung with shorts. Of course it is crucial to know what styles of boy’s shorts…

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Does Harry Styles Have Gonzo to Thank for His Fashion Inspo?

Credit: Gucci, Kiss PNG Harry Styles has style. That’s something all of his fans have known and loved about him since his 1D days. From bright floral prints to vibrant colours, he can basically wear any garment of clothing (even if it’s meant to be an Ikea bed cover) and flawlessly pull it off—he even experimented with some signature looks with James Cordon during an episode of Carpool Karaoke. Styles was also featured in a dreamy Gucci ad campaign this week…

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Woot! Oasis to Expand its Oasis Plus Size Collection- Online!

UK-based international brand Oasis is launching a plus size line this month. I know you are probably saying to yourself, “Wait, Didn’t they already do that?” Why yes they did! Oasis launched a plus collaboration with another UK fave, Simply Be, but this collection? The Oasis Plus Size Collection is  will be available on their own site, with their own looks, vibe, and styling- available on Simply Be, too! Dressing as many customers who love the Oasis brand as possible…

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What Really Is Fashion?

The actual word fashion can be typically described as a popular style or practice and is more commonly associated with clothing and apparel. If used in a loose context, the word will simply reference anything that is considered to be in the current trend or demand. If you look at a broad cross-cultural meaning of the word, you will notice that it will change dramatically from region to region as many people have adopted their own perspective of what the…

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In The Mood For: Our Favorite Podcasts

In a world of ever-increasing content consumption, it’s no surprise that videos and images are quick to capture our attention…but another medium that is seeing a huge surge in popularity is podcasts. While I wasn’t sure about them at first, Thomas and I have realized over the last year or so that podcasts are actually an ideal way for us to consume content. We’re constantly on the go, we love to learn, and we’re always looking for ways (that fit…

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Finding Your Art Theme

Wearing: Paris Georgia jacket and Camilla and Marc jeans    You’ll find two different art themes in my home. My husband’s beach, surf art and my abstract, minimal art. Our living room is a true testament to this. I’m so in love with this large scale black and white print by Nick Leary, for King Living, which fills the main wall of our living room, and brings some refinement to our most loved, and used space. We recently re-did our…

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The Fall Wardrobe Staples I’ll Be Wearing All Season Long

Outfit Details: Acne Blazer (similar under $100 here), Frame Sweater (similar here and here), Vince Pants, Gucci Loafers (similar less expensive version here), GMG Collection Scarf, Mark Cross Bag Putting outfits together and styling new pieces is one of my favorite things to do (a good thing, considering my job!), but every season, it seems that a select few items quickly become my wardrobe MVPs. They’re the items I want to try with all different outfit combinations, that I reach for no…

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Plus Size Cashmere or Wool Sweaters for Fall?! Oh Yes, They Exist!

Not too long ago, plus size cashmere and wool sweater options were not available. It was a barren landscape of acrylics and other unfortunate fabrications that pilled if you gave them side eye and were about as warm as a stepmother’s breath. However, things are changing for the better. Natural fibers? Luxurious knit fabrics? Breathable and snuggly (not snuggies!) garments are just a few clicks away and we have the most fashion-forward finds served up, just for you. A Few…

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Fashion Rule Number One: Less Is More

According to many fashion idealists, the human body is a work of art and that it is the best clothing that anyone can wear. Therefore, being comfortable in one’s own skin is one way of practicing confidence no matter what you are wearing. For fashion minimalists, this is ideal because of the cliché that says “less is more”. This phrase means that wearing a lot of accessories work at times, but sometimes, wearing very little can double the impression and…

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Four Brides on Why They Shared One Wedding Dress

(Photo: Christine Love Hewitt) Last fall, newly engaged to her boyfriend of nine years, Laura Day took a trip back home to Halifax to go dress shopping with her mother. Their first stop was David’s Bridal, where they rather quickly found a long, lacy gown that Day felt fit her vision of the wedding well enough. She told the sales associate she would take it. But what followed completely changed her mind. “[The salesperson] brought over this little bell, and [recited],…

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They Are Here! The 5 Things We Are Most Excited About With Our September Collection

Our September dresses are now live and available on GMG Collection and Nordstrom! Every month when we launch, I’ve posted about my favorite dresses from that particular collection. This month, I wanted to switch it up and share my favorite elements that make our September collection, as a whole, so special. These common themes are the launch of two newcomers, separates (jackets and skirts) as well as petites in key styles. It’s also the first month where we’ve seen the…

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