Cowboy boots can be worn with all types of outfits. Yes, that’s amazingly true. Neverheless, this type of footwear still follows some fashion rules, which when broken, could cause a major embarrassment. That’s why wearing boots could be very tricky. There are times when you can wear them with dresses, but there are also times when you could not. Save yourself from possible fashion mistakes and read the following tips on how to use your cowboy boots.

Wear your fashion boots in style.

These are the ways in which you can pull off your shoes, using different outfits.

Pair them with jeans.

Jeans are considered the most suitable outfits for them. Try this casual ensemble and be hip in no time.

Try wearing your boots over your jeans.

Tuck your jeans inside your boots. With this one, it is best to pair skinny jeans and thigh-high boots, since they go well together. Add a few accessories and a leather jacket with that, and you’re good.

Wear your boots under your pants.

This will make your boots appear like high heels. The pointed or round toes of your boots will create an edgy effect on your outfit. But make sure that you are wearing long jeans to hide the boots’ length.

Pull them off with Beautiful Dresses.

It’s seems incredible that they can be paired up with dresses, as they’re quite opposites. Yet, they are extremely beautiful when worn together. Try matching your medium-length boots with light-colored dresses. Make sure that your dress is above the knee, so that there is a long gap between the boots ‘shank and the dress’ end. This look is common among celebrities, making the dress and boots pair a popular duo indeed. Aside from the light-colored dress, you can also wear your boots with classic dresses, preferably in darker colors.

Experiment with tights and leggings.

Try wearing your shoes over your leggings and see the splendid look for yourself. This look works best with medium-length cowboy boots. Also, you can try pairing your boots with tights. Then, put on a dress, making the getup more adventurous.

Some Additional Tips on Wearing Your Fashion Cowboy Boots

Do not overdress with loud outfits.

Cowboy boots are better off worn with simple outfits, since they are appealing by themselves.

Wear your cowboy boots only on special occasions.

As mentioned, cowboy boots are very appealing. This means that when you wear them, they would certainly catch people’s attention. So if you do not want others to think that you have only one type of footwear, give your boots some time to rest.

Experiment and be adventurous.

Source by Lindsey Jenkins

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