Everyone wants healthy looking hair, today you see many advertisements where celebrities are promoting healthy looking hair, there are many shampoos and gels and mousses available to help keep your hair healthy looking and there are other ways in which you can look after your hair. Regular trips to the hairdressers to have your hair trimmed, this is recommended every 5 to 6 weeks because it makes sure that any dead ends are eradicated to make way for the new natural hair growth. It would also be great if you could afford regular head massages as this really does help the scalp and a healthy scalp makes way for healthy natural hair growth something that everyone is after in today’s world, it helps if you have washed your hair that you let it dry naturally without using heat on your hair, this helps prevent head damage and stops your hair becoming too brittle because when you hair becomes too brittle it can actually break off, this is when your hair is really damaged and that is when the natural hair growth slows down or even stops.

Try using vitamin rich shampoos and conditioners as well as these are really good for putting the essential oils back into your hair, in Mediterranean countries some people recommend and use olive oil on their hair and this is really excellent for the good condition of your hair, you will really notice the difference after using olive oil as you hair will literally feel silky and super soft, also lemon is very good for you hair and can help prevent damage to your hair in the sun, when applying your shampoo and conditioner it would be a good idea to take a little time and massage into your scalp.

Also take into account what you eat, do you eat enough vegetables and fruit which are rich in many essential vitamins, do you drink enough water, all of this is needed to be taken into consideration when trying to help your natural hair growth, there are tablets called cod liver oil capsules that are taken orally daily and these are claimed to be perfect for helping the process of natural hair growth. When you take into consideration all of these things you can do to help your natural hair growth you will be doing all that you can in order to have a healthy head of hair, and by helping your hair become healthy you will find that it is far more easier to manage and to style, regular brushing helps get rid of all the dead hair but make sure you use a good hair brush, one that has wide bristles is ideal and wont tug at your hair, but should be able to glide through without causing any damage, following following all of these simple steps you too could have a healthy glossy looking head of hair just like the celebrities that you see advertised and if you look good on the outside then it only makes sense that you will look good on the inside.


Source by Max Archer

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