KITH enthusiasts, rejoice! It’s official: KITH is opening a permanent store in Los Angeles. Founder Ronnie Fieg took to his personal Instagram account to announce the news. His caption read, “Gonna go open KITH LA real quick.”

In a later post, Fieg confirmed the store opening, writing a heartfelt message to fans of the brand about his love for the city of LA. “Growing up in Queens in the early to mid 90’s, the West Coast was unchartered territory. It was us vs them. LA had Pac and New York had Big. It seemed like both cities were the only ones that existed at the time,” Fieg wrote. “As I got older and was finally able to start traveling here, I began gaining more and more of an appreciation for it. It was the opposite of New York in terms of location and weather but was a place I was warming up to. In 2015 I began planting the seed when I brought Kith to LA for our first West Coast Pop-Up. I wanted to see how and if the people would interact with the brand. I was overwhelmed with the reaction. Since then we’ve done two more pop-ups in LA, and both successes were proof to me that we needed to be here,” he continued.

While exact details are still hush-hush, you can be sure to check back on MISSBISH for more details as they become available.

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