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It looks like our fave hair accessory of yore is ~trendy~ again—and we are so here for it.

Nope, we’re not talking scrunchies, which also had their second spin in the spotlight recently. Models walking in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2018 show at New York Fashion Week wore their slick-backed hair pulled into giant plastic claw clips (or banana clips, if you’re fancy), resurrecting a retro look loved by the likes of Rachel from Friends and every girl who had long hair in the ’90s.

In a collection that looked inspired by The Matrix, the black and silver hair clips were embellished with Wang’s name across the clasp of the accessory, adding a sophisticated (and likely overpriced) touch.

While I’ll likely never buy a designer piece of plastic, I am HELLA STOKED that Wang is helping bring the claw clip back in style. As the ultimate lazy girl accessory, claw clips are the solution to nearly all hair problems. No time to wash your locks? Throw them up in a claw clip! Having a bad hair day? Twist that mess into a bun and clip, clip, clip away! Claw clips are ingenious, and as they are most often sold at dollar stores and drugstores, making them hella affordable to boot.

But the claw clip isn’t the only throwback hair accessory sweeping NYFW. During Prabal Gurung’s runway show, models (including our gal Ashley Graham) sported those stretchy plastic comb headbands—yes those ones that always got caught in your hair and created a sporty yet chic aesthetic. Personally, I find these to be more work than they’re worth, but hey, to each their own piece of plastic.

Now that Wang and Gurung have reminded the world just how fab these utilitarian hair accessories truly are, I can’t wait to dig up my ol’ ones from under my bathroom sink. All in the name of fashion, of course.


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