YM Bape is not only free, he has a promo video. Check it out below.

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The streets are talking and they’re reporting that notorious Supreme hater YM Bape is now free, having been released from Rikers Island prison.

On his Instagram feed, he wrote “be home real soon” on December 13, 2017, and on a January 8th birthday post, comments have transitioned from followers wishing him a happy birthday to welcoming him home.

As well, Twitter account @graveoffairfax today (January 20, 2018) posted an image of YM standing in front of a NYPD sign and wrote in the caption, “The ‘Fuck Supreme’ guy, aka YMBape just came out of Rikers and is now back on the streets, ready to take all your Supreme pieces. Stay safe.”

YM Bape was arrested on September 16, 2016 for unknown charges though they might be related to his anti-Supreme efforts, which included entering Supreme in SoHo and knocking merchandise off of shelves as well as harassing and assaulting people he spotted wearing Supreme clothing. YM Bape was often filmed while on his anti-Supreme campaigns so there no shortage of evidence for the police to work with.

“This just in…”

YM Bape Instagram

Stay safe…

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