Just because it is ‘fashionable’ doesn’t mean that it is acceptable. There are a number of trends revealed every year that never quite take off or are embraced yet appear unflattering and questionable. Women’s fashion comes under the most scrutiny, there are far more varied looks for females and men are quick to pass judgement on the creations that are a real turn off. Some of the worst looks have been combined with popular trends such as customisation from fashion forward companies such as www.patchsuperstore.com yet this isn’t enough to transition the poor trends into high fashion.

The fashion year of 2013 is no exception, it has produced a series of fashion fails and will be responsible for the cringing of outfit choices for years to come.

Neon isn’t one of the most flattering colors to carry, no matter what the trend reports say


Anything neon should be instantly banned. Women have taken every possible opportunity to deck themselves out in garish shades of pink, green and yellow. It is an unflattering shade and one that no one can carry off well; the look is reminiscent of a 90’s raver and is certainly overkill in any form.

Harem Pants

The trouser / leggings crossover are fitted around the waist, baggy around the crotch and tight around the leg. They make little sense and again are highly unflattering. They can be paired with a limited number of items and end up looking quite tacky.


The outdoor version of the slipper has been a huge hit for a number of years but it is time to say goodbye to the boot that looks scruffy, makes the feet appear larger than they really are and is a huge turn off for men.

Crop Tops

Supermodels are quite possibly the only people that can successfully wear this item and even then it isn’t as stylish as most people think. Not only are they impractical but they certainly do not compliment the natural figures of women.


The worst things to happen to footwear, crocs come in all different colours with a range of accessories to personalise the rubber footwear. They are quite possibly the biggest fashion fail of all time.

Leggings as Trousers

Leggings as trousers - a definite NO!
Leggings as trousers – a definite NO!

Nobody wants to see women in items so tight that every lump and bump is on show and that is precisely what happens when leggings are worn as trousers. The purpose of leggings is to wear something more fitted that resembles tights but can be worn with slightly shorter tops. They are not a substitute for trousers and have been known to be see through!

Black Bras and White Tops

Although this isn’t necessarily an item of fashion, people for some reason think this is acceptable. It is ok for a bra strap to show or for it to be visible under a sheer top provided it matches in colour not dulls the brightness of a top.

Empire Waist

Tops with an empire waist are highly flattering for the chest area whilst at the same time making a woman look around the 6 month pregnant mark, when they are not.

Booty Shorts

booty shorts

There is nothing nicer than an elegant pair of tailored shorts with a casual top for a relaxed yet stylish look except when the majority of the bottom is hanging out. Booty shorts reveal a lot of cheek, far more than any unsuspecting member of the public should have to see.

Disco Pants

Women seem intent on recreating the infamous scene in Grease when Sandy rocks the skintight leggings that left men drooling. Yet the reality is none of us look like Sandy and instead every lump and bump is visible.

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